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Why We Make It

We’re dedicated to making complex craft ciders from simple, natural ingredients.

We combine traditional wisdom with new technology and equipment to create different ciders that range from dry to semi-sweet. At Crush Craft, we work to elevate cider and demonstrate the versatility of our fine craft.

Out of frustration to find a quality dry cider, Crush Craft Cider was created to bridge the gap between wine and beer. Arizonans now have a local cidery that creates the "not overly sweet” cider found today. Ranging from dry to semi-sweet, we offer a cider that will suit anyone's palate.


Our Team


Jackson Thorn | Co-Founder/Sales

Jackson is our sales dude. There is nothing more important to him than creating great relationships with bars and restaurants around the valley. When he isn’t working for Crush Craft you can find him on a golf course, fishing on a lake or traveling to a new country. His humor is just as dry as the cider he makes, but that doesn’t mean his jokes are any good! 


Jared Thorn | Co-Founder/Head Cidermaker

Jared is our crazy cider-centric cidermaker!  After working in the cider industry under the tutelage of Bishop Cider Company, he's brought home his vision for cidermaking to the Valley.  Armed with more than a few ciders, he's back to share his passion for the craft and his favorite ways to crush it.


Eric Thorn | Co-Founder/Jack of All Trades

Eric's passion is music.  Retiring from a long, successful career playing to sock puppets in his bedroom, he turned his back on the adoring crowds and looked to cidermaking to fill the void. A passionate hobbyist for the last 10 years, traveling extensively to discover the ancient secrets of cidermaking lore, he decided to turn his hobby into a thriving business.  Crush Craft Cider was born.