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What is Cider?

Cider is an apple wine that is fermented and not brewed. It is a naturally gluten free drink made from a blend of apples sourced in the Pacific Northwest. Hard Cider is an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of apples.


How is it Made?


Step 1

Source:  Ripe apples are sourced from the Pacific Northwest where they are juiced and delivered to our facility in Tempe.


Step 2

Fermentation: Once arrived we take the apple juice concentrate and add water, yeast and nutrients. The fermentation ends when all sugars have been turned into alcohol leaving little to no sugar.


Step 3

Filter: The cider is now ready to be filtered for clarification. This refines the clear pure liquid gold color we finish with as the base of our product.


Step 4

Blend: When we are happy with the base we add variety of spices, herbs, hops, berries and other juice to replace some of the sugars. This process creates the different ciders we finish with for our core four selection.


Step 5

Carbonate: The cider is placed in our Brite tank which carbonates the finished product.


Step 6

Keg: After we carbonate it is time to send off our ciders to bars and restaurants in kegs.


Step 7

Enjoy: This is our favorite step because it's when we truly get to enjoy the efforts of our work. Cheers!